Custom Yeti San Antonio

Custom Tumblers, Koozies, and more

Any stainless steel tumbler, bottle or koozie can be personalized with paint, hydrographics, and custom graphics. We offer YETI, RTIC, and Ozark trail for your convenience. If you already have a stainless product, you can bring it to us to customize. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to request a quote. 

Get a Dipped or Engraved Yeti Tumbler?

Should you have your tumbler dipped or engraved? Well, we think that dipping is better. By using hydrographic technology, we can make your Yeti, RTIC, or Ozark Trail cup really stand out. Engraving is nice, but it does not deliver the results that hydrodipping delivers. 

We don't just do graphics and hydrodips here at Mild 2 Wild! You can have your children or grandkids design their own piece. We paint the piece first then you take it home to have them create their own masterpiece. Once they have completed it, you bring it back for us to clear coat seal so the design stays forever.

Customize your tumbler at Mild 2 Wild with a hydrographic water transfer design or paint. Show your love for the game and get your favorite team logo on a custom cup or koozie! We carry different brands of cups to fit everyone's budget.